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Douglas Mawson - Records
Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide
MSS 0009
Date Range
1887 - 1956

Notes, field notes, extracts, draft and typescript papers, reprints and correspondence 1897-1956 of and collected by Mawson relating to research on the sub-division of the Adelaide (Cambrian) system, on glaciation and sturtian tillites, on rock formations of the Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian, on the Proterozoic sequence, on Pre-Ordovician rocks of the McDonnell Ranges and on the geology of the Encounter Bay area; the collection includes the correspondence, notes and articles of W. Howchin on glaciation 1905-37 and cuttings of articles and letters to newspapers by Howchin on religion and geology 1887-1906; overall dates 1887-1956 [85 cm, MSS 0009].

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