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Charles James Martin - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 011
Date Range
1895 - 1957

3 notebooks relating to experiments carried out at the Lister Institute 1936-38, and letters from H.R. Marston to Dr. Harriette Chick regarding these experiments; letters from hospitals in Lemnos and Egypt; manuscript recollections by Sir Percival Hartley of Martin during the First World War 1955; correspondence with J.T. Wilson 1895-1903, 1909, 1929; notebook, curriculum vitae and notes; newspaper cuttings and biographical material including biography; obituary notices; correspondence to H. Chick regarding Martin's memoir; four volumes and index of C. J. Martin collected papers, including 'Vol I. Snake venom, immunity, monotremes (1892-1907)', 'Vol II. Biochemical and biophysical studies(1908-1939', 'Vol III. Addresses, lectures, obituaries (1898-1956)', and 'Vol IV. Physiology, bacteriology, nutrition (1892-1948)'; and reprints of articles by other authors.

3 boxes (0.72 m)
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'Martin, Charles James - Ms 11', in Listing of Adolph Basser Library holdings, Australian Academy of Science, 1994, Details