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Archival Resources Details Charles Edward Lane-Poole - Records

Charles Edward Lane-Poole - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 3799
Date Range
1905 - 1970

Records are arranged in the following series :- general correspondence 1910-67; articles; lists; Sir Russell Grimwade; Sierra Leone; Western Australia; New Guinea 1922-25; New Guinea 1945-62; Conservation Act (NSW) 1949; coffee production; preservation of timber and photographs; correspondence is contained in most of these series and includes letters from Lord Novar, M.R. Jacobs, G. Rodgers, H.C. King, J.D. Ovington, J. Lever, R. Grimwade, J. McAdam and CSIR/O; also to be found are reports, printed material, press cuttings, articles and books by Lane-Poole and other foresters, photographs and glass slides; overall dates 1905-70 [1 m, MS 3799].

1 m
Available for reference