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Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves - Records
The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1923 - 1980

A small collection of personal papers including: personal and biographical material 1923, 1942-80; scientific publications 1948-63; subject files of correspondence, press cuttings, lectures, diary notes and photographs 1942-76; photographs 1926-76; other publications 1967-73; graphic materials 1959; photocopies of correspondence held at the CSIRO Archive 1944-51; chronological subject files 1944-63 [65 cm]. A detailed guide to the collection is available from the Australian Science Archives Project.

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Finding Aid

Gavan McCarthy, Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, 2004, Details

McCarthy, Gavan, The Papers of Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves (1923-1976) (Melbourne: Australian Science Archives Project, 1986), 16 pp. Details