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Archival Resources Details Tannatt William Edgeworth David - Records

Tannatt William Edgeworth David - Records
University of Sydney, Archives
P 11
Date Range
1870 - 1963

Research records, Series 1-38, comprising: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-9 including scripts on the ascent of Erebus and the Magnetic Pole journey c1908, miscellaneous other scripts c1910, scripts written with R.E. Priestley c1910, maps and plans c1907-31, field notebooks 1908-9, miscellaneous records 1908-9 (64 cm); general Antarctic correspondence, 1894 and 1907-34, covering the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-9, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14 and BANZARE 1929-31 (20 cm); lecture notes and working papers relating to Antarctica 1898-1933 (10 cm); records of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14 including press cuttings, photographs, typescripts and printed matter 1898-33 (10 cm); records of the Funafuti (Tuvalu) Coral Boring Expeditions 1897-98 including correspondence 1897-98 and 1901, draft letters and manuscripts 1897-1900, field notebooks and working papers 1897-98, other correspondence 1895-1914, accounting records 1897-1904 and photographs c1898 (33 cm); records relating to 'fossil fauna in rocks of the Adelaide series' including correspondence 1928-34, original drawings by David, Ethel King, E.H. Zeck and D.M. Yorke, annotated photographs, working papers and field notebooks of David and D.M. Yorke 1929-33 (43 cm); records of glaciation, Ice Ages and Snowy Mountains field trips 1905-7 including maps, working papers and field notebooks 1905-29 (20 cm); treatise on geology of Australia including working papers, manuscript and annotated typescript c1921-34 (40 cm); 'Geological Map of Australia' and 'Explanatory Notes' including correspondence and annotated typescripts 1932-33 (2 cm); records of the coalfields of New South Wales including plans, numerical data and working papers c1890-1928 (20 cm); miscellaneous records including working papers, manuscripts c1905-32, field notebooks 1882-1932, publications 1896-1933, sketches and plans, manuscripts by others 1895-1932, maps and plans 1912-31, and correspondence 1894-1933 (2.4 m); Isabel Houison's notebooks including shorthand drafts of letters and scripts 1920-24 (10 cm); addresses given by David 1895-1923 (10 cm); diaries 1904-1923 (5 cm); fossil drawings by E.T. Talbot and D.M. Yorke c1927 (5 cm); photographs by W.R. Browne and David 1870s-1941 (65 cm); annotated photographic prints by Albert Liversidge c1890 (2 cm); annotated photographic prints by Ernest Brougham Docker 1894-1922 (6 cm); a collection of typescripts and printed matter 1898-1933 (4 cm). Teaching records, Series 39-41, comprising: geological excursions, photographs and other records c1906-22 (10 cm); lecture notes for the University of Sydney and the University of London 1892-1926 (45 cm); miscellaneous working papers and printed matter 1909-20 (6 cm). Administration records, Series 42, including working papers and correspondence 1892-29 (5 cm). Non-university organisations records, Series 43-45, comprising: correspondence and related records of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science 1910-28 (10 cm); correspondence and working papers, 1907-33, of the Australian National Research Council, Royal Society of NSW and the Great Barrier Reef Committee (10 cm); field notebooks and related records, 1914-20, of the Australian Imperial Forces (45 cm). Personal records, Series 46-48, comprising: correspondence 1901-34 (6 cm); diaries 1916-19 (5 cm); photographs autographed by David 1909-27 (2 cm). Miscellaneous records, Series 49-57, comprising: photographs of David and others c1890-1932 (7 cm); scripts mostly written by David for lectures 1910-34 (20 cm); correspondence 1883-1934 (10 cm); press cuttings and other printed material referring to David 1903-1933 (2 cm); records ascribed to Caroline David 1910-1927 (5 cm); collection of postcards c1900-25 (5 cm); photographic negatives (1 cm); records about David by W.R. Browne and other Geology Department personnel 1927-63 (1 cm); copies of photographs, typescripts and printed matter in other series 1898-1931 (4 cm). Overall date range 1870-1963 [10 m, P 11].

Artwork and Photographs
10 m
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