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James Cook - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
910.4 COO
Date Range
1768 - 1779

Journal of the voyage of the "Endeavour" 1768-71, (holograph copy, 753pp); manuscript copy of journal of the "Endeavour" 1768-70 (microfilm, 1 reel); journal of the "Endeavour" 1768-71 corrected by Cook throughout (microfilm, 1 reel); log of the "Endeavour" 1768-71 (microfilm, 1 reel); journal of the "Resolution" 1772-75 (photographic copy and microfilm, 1 reel); journal of the "Resolution" 1772-75 (alternative copy, microfilm, 1 reel); correspondence 1768-71, 1771-8; family papers 1776-1926, (24 items); notebook of exploration of Newfoundland 1762 with maps (1 volume); manuscript account of death of Cook by eyewitness 1779 (1 volume). See J.C. Beaglehole's work "The journals of Captain James Cook" (1955+) for further details [910.4 COO].

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