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John James McNeill - Records
The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1938 - 1978

Professional correspondence 1938-78; lectures on optics and diffraction gratings; lecture notes from Imperial College, London 1940-41; laboratory notes from Imperial College, London on optical experiments 1940; quarterly reports 1956-77 for the CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics; records relating to the Technical Advisory Committee on Optical Munitions 1953-63; publications of McNeill; records relating to H. Grayson including notes on his career, publications and citations, correspondence of McNeill about Grayson, records of W. Stone regarding Grayson and various manuscripts and typescripts by McNeill on Grayson; reprints on microscopy and related topics; 5 small working notebooks; bundle of CSIRO typescripts on chemical physics; 2 small quarto notebooks on pure mathematics 1938; 3 foolscap notebooks on the Echelle Spectroscope [96 cm].

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