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Accession Title
McCoy Society for Research and Investigation - Records
The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1935 - 1950

Minute Book (Provisional Committee and General, with report of Allocation of Type Material Sub-Committee 30 Oct. 1935 clipped in) 9 July - 30 Oct. 1935. Constitutions: Suggested, 16 August 1935; "Amended to September 15th" and "Amended to July 8th, 1942"; Annual Report 1938/1939, membership list 1936-1937, 1938-1939, correspondence 1937-1939. Expedition reports, published and unpublished, and correspondence: Lady Julia Percy Island 1935-1936; Sunday Island 1938-1939; war-time and post-war excursions 1940-1950; photographs; membership 1936; other reports from excursions including Windermere Youth Hostel 1940-1944, Ricketts Point 1942, Phillip Island 1946, 1950, Mt. Evelyn 1943; Garden Survey 1940; photographs of Julia Island (mounted on cardboard), dolphins, expeditions, wildlife, birdlife, geologists; publicity material, photos general.

7 archive boxes